Release Date: May 31st, 2019

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What would happen if Deep Purple and Yes had an illicit encounter under a Porcupine Tree?*

Marcus Taylor (guitars, bass, percussion) and Ben Bell (vocals, keys, other bass) were keen to find out and so kidnapped James Chapman (drums) then set about trying to brew a love potion to bring about the happy union.

Living Dangerously is a Sonic Cocktail on the Rocks, blending equal parts Classic, Progressive, Jazz and Blues and cheekily spiking with a whatever they found lurking at the back of the cupboard. We hesitate to ask, but it was bright orange and it may have curdled.

This sonic potion is probably illegal in most countries and was ultimately never imbibed by any of its intended subjects, yet it remains a 100% Broken Parachute Original, never to be repeated, and is guaranteed to leave a mark on both your listening habits and potentially your furniture.

*No iconic prog rock acts were harmed in the making of this album.

Marcus Taylor is the Guitarist/Composer behind Kashgar and also one half of the Crosswinds duo.

Ben Bell is known for his work with Gandalf's Fist and Fusion Orchestra 2 and for his multi-instrumentalist solo project Patchwork Cacophony.

Living Dangerously is the band's second album, coming six years after their 2013 debut, Down Is The New Up, and it marks a strong stylistic shift towards darker, more complex compositions.